Carson Burton

Portfolio and Resumé

Culture & Entertainment reporter and writer

Ever since I was a child, entertainment has been in my blood. From watching “Austin Powers” on repeat in the family van to sneaking into the living room to watch “Apocalypto” at a far-too-young age, I have lived and breathed entertainment for as long as I can remember.

As I grow as a journalist, I have found that my favorite experiences are those that remind me of my early days as a wide-eyed kid who loved anything on screen. I have attended “Star Wars” conventions, interviewed talent at junkets for projects like “Prey” and “Ms. Marvel,” written countless breaking news stories and even gotten the insider scoop on how an artist’s lifetime achievement was thrown to the wayside as companies shelved their projects indefinitely.

Entertainment is not only a fun business, but it is an important one. Nearly everyone has their own stake in the industry and their own taste, and, thanks to journalists and bloggers who engage in these conversations, we can further cultural discussion.